Thursday, September 1, 2011


What a CONCERT!! I met two of my friends in Charlotte last Thursday for the Britney Spears concert. DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore was opening/spinning for her, which I thought was a little weird but whatever, we were excited to see BRITNEY!! Such a fun time!!

At Connolly's before the concert

Excited about Pauly D!! lol!

Here we go!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Isle of Palms-2011

This was our second year vacationing in Isle of Palms and we are loving it more and more! This was one of the best family vacations, yet!! No specific reason, just fun being together! Sarah was only 4 months old when we went last year so it was harder on my sister since she was napping a good bit. This year, she was full-force and loving the beach and water! I'm ready to go back!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Beach Photography Project

I have seen these done before and decided to document our family vacation in Isle of Palms by spelling out my name with scenery :) I'm excited to get it framed and put up somewhere in my house!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christmas 2010

Yep, that's right folks. I'm am posting CHRISTMAS pictures :) That's how far behind I am in blogging. Lots has happened since Christmas and I will be posting those pictures, too.

Christmas was extra special this year since we have a new little girl in the family. Sarah was almost 8 months old so she actually enjoyed unwrapping her gifts and playing with her toys. So much fun to have another little baby around.

As usual, my parents and I drove to Spartanburg Christmas Eve for our annual gift deliveries and visits. Of course, no visit would be complete without lunch at the Beacon. YUM! Unfortunately, I had my first bad experience there. My sandwich was HORRIBLE! Blah. Still won't stop me from eating there again. Christmas Eve night, my dad dressed up as Santa and showed up in my sister's backyard for my niece and newphews to see. This has been a tradition for several years and always a hit. They don't see him upclose so they think it's really him and hurry to get ready for bed. Santa also leaves them bells that "fell" off of his sleigh. My dad also played Santa for my co-workers little girl, which is always fun. Funny story, we were waiting on the call from my sister as to when to show up, so we were driving around. My car had been making a funny noise so I pulled into a cul-da-sac so I could drive in circles for my dad to listen. Keep in mind, he's fully decked out in a Santa suit standing in the street while I drive around. All of a sudden we hear "Heeyyy Santa!" There is a little girl in a mini-van that is pulling up and she is hanging out the window so excited to see Santa. I was cracking up and dad was doing his best to play the part. She proceeds to tell "Santa" that she dreams about him and loves him. Wish I had a video camera. So sweet. Anyway, here are some pictures from Christmas and of course, the SNOW!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shutterfly 50 free Christmas Cards

Hey Everyone!! It is that time of year again….CHRISTMAS!!! And time for Christmas cards. I LOVE sending Christmas cards as much as I love to receive them! I love to check the mail everyday during Christmas to see what cards I received and hang them up on my photo hanger! I got the proofs back from our family photo shoot so now it’s time to start thinking about what picture/pictures to use and what design I want for the card. And thanks to Shutterfly, bloggers get 50 FREE Christmas cards if you go here .

You know me, I LOVE free :) I have not used Shutterfly for my cards before so I am excited to try them out this year!

It is going to be a hard to narrow my choices down but here are some of my favorites:

Some of my other favorites that Shutterfly offers are:

Friday, July 30, 2010

2010 Family Vacation-Isle of Palms, SC

We had our annual family vacation last week and this year we chose to switch it up and go to Isle of Palms. We've always gone to North Myrtle because my dad had conventions and we just tagged along. Since he is now retired, we can go anywhere. We LOVED IOP! The beaches were less crowded and Charleston is just so beautiful! We took our bikes down there and took nightly rides around Wild Dunes, which is one of my favorite things to do. It was also Sarah's first trip to the beach, so we loved seeing her in a bathing suit and watching her try to figure out why her feet were sinking in the wet stuff on the beach :) The boys had a blast, too. They loved riding their bikes, going to the beach and the pool, going to the waterpark and playing the Wii at the house. All-in-all, a very successful trip! Here are some pictures from the week.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We had my dad's side of the family over on July 3rd for dad's famous ribs & chicken......YUM! Here are some pictures from the cookout.